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Facultativo / Faculty


Residente / Trainee / Resident


National Resident
100 €
Streaming 50 €
Basic course 200 €


What do I have access to with the registration as a participant to the Meeting?
The  classroom course ISBC 2023 offers you a complete experience face-to.face and later virtual experience ,  and the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the sessions , including:
  • Access to the complete program.
  • Interactive questions in the sessions.
  • Brief survey to assess the scientific quality of the session. At the end of the webinar you will receive a link to take the survey. Once completed, you will be able to download the certificate of attendance.
Will I be able to access the session after it ends?
The content will be available after every days of its celebration and will remain available for a period of three months after the webinar. The content will be available only to people who have previously registered. You can access with your passwords.
How can I participate in the session?

To attend the session you must be registered, have a good Internet connection, a computer or tablet and headphones.

If you have already registered for the session, you will receive an email with the access data and instructions, a few days before it starts. These credentials are personal and non-transferable, and will be sent to the email you provided in the registration form.

Will the sessions be available on a deferred basis?
Yes, they can be consulted deferred
Will I be able to download the presentations of the sessions?
No, the session presentation slides will not be available for download
Why don't the videos of the presentations work for me?

We recommend using the Chrome browser for the best experience when viewing webcast and live sessions. If you are using Safari, please enable pop-up blocker: here.

Will there be an option to ask the speakers questions?

Yes, the virtual platform will offer a "question and answer" system so that the moderator can receive and select the questions, and the speaker can answer them.

How can I obtain the attendance certificate?

The webinar platform allows you to register the attendees who are following the webinar, which allows you to keep track of attendance and thus be able to issue the attendance certificate.


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